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Toddler Care & Education


Toddler's learn from active playing and exploring at Today's Life Schools & Child Day Care in Eden Prairie Minnesota.

At Today’s Life Schools & Childcare, we strive to provide a stimulating environment where each child is well cared for, safe and treasured. We cater to each individual child and their specific needs throughout each milestone in their development.


Our classroom is designed for toddlers, ages 16 months to 33 months, to explore , play, learn and utilize all of their senses. Our environment is staged with distinct centers and comfortable spaces for both individual and group play. Toys for every developmental level are readily available in each area.

Our structured schedule allows children with the comfort of knowing what to always expect from a day at school. We do a daily group time where the children learn new information and practice colors, numbers, letters and shapes. During this time of academic learning, children are also practicing when to sit quietly, listen to the teacher, take turns and have patience.

Your toddler’s emerging communication abilities allow him/her to interact with others and make his/her needs known. We continue to teach sign language and encourage parents to use it at home. Language experiences for toddlers are rich in play and imagination. We read stories, talk, play games and make music together. Our Spanish language program exposes your child to the sounds and vocabulary of a second language and lays the foundation for language learning later on. Toddlers need to move their bodies, and the y love to dance and sing. Walking, running and climbing on our outdoor and indoor play areas are a few of their favorite activities.

To encourage your toddler’s physical, mental and social development, we do many different activities under these categories: sensory, dramatic play, art, dancing and large/small motor. We work on potty training, independence and self-help skills. Our child development teachers are constantly at the children’s level and engaging with them. We are always there to lovingly support each child and acknowledge his or her milestones.

We respect and acknowledge each child’s individual needs and preferences. For example, one child might like to have his or her back rubbed while falling asleep before nap-time while another may prefer to cuddle with a stuffed animal. We really get to know each child and grow with him or her as an individual.

Health & Safety

The ratio in the toddler room is 1 teacher to 7 toddlers . All of our staff are well-trained and up to date on Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) and Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) classes before they even start working with the children and continue to renew the courses yearly. We follow strict guidelines and practice safe-sleep procedure. Our child development teachers are always available to help your child develop healthy toileting habits while potty training and other self-help skills during the course of the day. We follow strict guidelines and practice safe-sleep procedures .

Health and sanitation is very important to us. We maintain a clean environment for the children, which sometimes can be quite the job, as you well know. To achieve our high standard of cleanliness, we wash and scrub our toys and equipment numerous times throughout the day.

Meals & Snacks

Today’s Life provides a healthy morning snack, hot lunch and afternoon snack daily. We work with each toddler on their mealtime skills, including: eating by themselves, using a spoon, drinking from a cup without a lid and cleaning up after themselves.


You will always know how the day went and what is going on in the room with our daily messages and your child’s daily summary. We know that the details of your child’s care are important to you. Beyond our daily parent/teacher communication we offer parent/teacher conferences twice a year to talk in-depth about your child’s progress.

Enrichment Program

Our enrichment program is available for children on a daily basis. Click here to learn more.

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