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About Today's Life Schools & Child Day Care


About Today's Life Schools & Child Day Care in Eden Prairie, MinnesotaA Passion for Education

When Tamara stepped into her first job as a teacher’s aide in an early childhood classroom, she knew that she had a passion for nurturing young children. What she didn’t know was that her passion would eventually lead her to start her own school. With degrees in both Early Childhood Education and Business Management, Tamara and her husband, have been guiding Today’s Life Schools and Child Day Care with expert knowledge and loving care for more than 12 years.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best quality care and education for every child. Our curriculum is based upon solid child development principles. Our teachers are professional and passionate about what they do. We are dedicated to giving children the attention, guidance and care that we all want for our children.

Our Vision

Early childhood is a time of intense growth and learning that lays the foundation for learning later on in life. Young children learn best when they are in an environment that provides opportunities for them to explore with all of their senses. Our classrooms and curriculum are designed to provide sensory-motor experiences that nurture growth in all areas of development.

As children gain skills, knowledge and understanding through rich play experiences, they grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. We understand that children learn at different rates and have different learning styles so we measure progress individually. Our goal is to be a partner alongside parents, sharing their desire to help children reach their fullest potential.


Program Areas


Our infant program is designed to provide interactions with your baby that provide stimulation, security and loving attention throughout the day. Infants grow and change at an astonishing rate during the first year of life. As we observe your child approaching milestones in development, we provide opportunities to support their growth. We help your little one develop muscles and motor coordination with movement. Our two infant rooms allow us to safely stimulate development whether it is with tummy time in the early months or safe exploration in the crawling stage later on.

During our play times, we sing, read, and play games together. Exposure to sign language as well as meaningful interactions with the spoken word, are the building blocks for communication skills later on. Nap times are important for happy, healthy babies. Within our daily schedule, we follow your baby’s cues and parent instructions to make sure that your child receives adequate rest.

Until your baby is ready for regular table food, we follow your own diet plan using your food and bottles. The procedures we follow for diapering focus on baby’s comfort and health. We know that these details are important to you. Along with adherence to your instructions and preferences, you receive daily communication regarding your baby’s day.

We need a physical examination and current immunizations before enrollment.


Your toddler’s brain, body and abilities continue to develop at a rapid pace from the age of 1 ½ to 3. Our curriculum provides an environment where sensory-motor exploration is combined with dramatic play, creative arts and fitness activities to meet every area of development. Toddlers need to move their bodies and they love to dance and sing. Walking, running and climbing on our outdoor and indoor play areas are favorite activities.

Language experiences for toddlers are rich in play and imagination. We read stories, talk, play games, sing and make music together. Our Spanish language program exposes your child to the sounds and vocabulary of a second language and lays the foundation for language learning later on. Toddlers’ emerging abilities to communicate allow them to be more skilled at making their needs known and help them to interact with others. We continue to teach and use sign language and encourage parents to do so at home.

Children of sixteen (16) months and older, entering the toddler group still need individualized help for feeding. Nap times are important for growing toddlers and our teachers are there to help when it might be hard to fall asleep. Our teachers also help your child develop new toileting habits with potty training, and other self-help skills during the course of the day such as washing hands. You always know how the day went and what is going on in the room with our daily messages and your child’s daily summary.


Play is the work of the young child, and your 3 – 4 year old does a lot of “work” in our Preschool classroom. The environment is set up with different interest areas, all with a changing array of hands-on learning materials and toys available. The creativity, confidence, independence, initiative, curiosity and persistence of your child are supported as they dip into new content areas that are guided by our monthly theme. As your child makes decisions about what they do during the day, they are also practicing high level thinking.

The development of language skills continues to occur naturally as your child interacts with adults and other children. Spanish language classes expose your child to the sounds of a second language at a time when your child’s brain has a unique ability to acquire language. Stories, rhymes and music provide playful large group interactions at Circle Time and important emerging literacy experiences.

A written summary each day gives you a snapshot of your child’s day. Additionally, our daily message and monthly calendar allow you to know what is happening at school. Periodically, we meet for conferences to talk in depth about your child’s progress. Our curriculum is aligned with early learning standards that assess the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of your child.


As your child approaches Kindergarten, it is natural for you to contemplate their readiness to meet the joys and challenges of a different academic environment. Our Pre-K classroom is both a continuation of our early childhood “play is their work” philosophy, and an intentional strategy to provide the skills and attitudes that are indicators of success in school. As a Pre-Kindergartener at Today’s Life, your child builds math and science concepts through experiences with different materials and manipulatives, engage in conversational Spanish, have social experiences that foster teamwork, and participate in joyful interactions with music that fosters all areas of development.

The process of learning to read and write in early childhood is based on meaningful experiences with text and language. Stories, rhymes, singing and conversation with adults all contribute to your child’s emerging literacy. Your Pre-K child has opportunities throughout the day to discover the connections between letters and sounds. While art continues to be a sensory experience, it also provides exploration in the use of tools and pre-writing skills that require fine motor development.

In addition to an individual daily summary, our classroom messages and monthly newsletters keep you in touch with what is going on in your child’s classroom. Regular conferences give us time to talk in depth about your child’s progress but your child’s teacher is always available to answer questions and discuss how your child is doing. Being ready for Kindergarten is more than just being a certain age. Today’s Life graduates transition to Kindergarten ready to learn, grow and thrive as confident and independent lovers of learning.

Spanish Language Program

Watching your child go through the process of learning how to decipher sounds into meaningful language is truly remarkable. As children hear and learn to reproduce sounds, their developing brains allow them to make sense of language, learning that certain sounds and then certain words go together in meaningful ways. That’s why early childhood is an opportune time to introduce your child to a second language.

At Today’s Life, our Toddler, Preschool, and Pre-K groups have regular instruction and practice in the Spanish language. During regularly scheduled play and circle time activities, our Spanish language teacher converses with children in a natural way, encouraging them to experiment with new sounds, words and sentences. When exposed to this rich linguistic environment, your child isn’t just learning a second language but is gaining benefits in intellectual development.

Some of Today’s Life graduates have entered Spanish-Immersion classes when they entered Kindergarten. Even if this is not your goal for your child, being exposed to a second language in early childhood provides a foundation for Spanish language learning later in life.